Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Ancestry

I was doing a google search on my grandparents to see what I could find on the web.  Surprisingly,  I did find some information from the site  This is the fourth or fifth time, to post this information because I would either type a wrong date, a wrong name or the site would have the wrong birth date.  The following is the corrected information.

My grandpa's father was William Malcolm Kilgore, born April 10, 1852 and his mother was Cordelia Townley Kilgore, born May, 1853. Grandpa's full name was John Wesley Virgil Kilgore, better known as "Virge" to his friends.  Grandpa Kilgore was born February 28, 1880.   Granny Kilgore's parents were Thomas Louis Noles, born October 6, 1844 in Georgia and Martha Jane King, born December 31, 1852 in Walker County, Alabama.   Granny had a very long name--Sarah Louiza Martha Tabitha Noles.  To her friends she was "Sarah".  Granny and papa were married March 30, 1902 at the Noles' Home in Walker County around Nauvoo, Alabama.  Papa was 22 years old and Granny was 20 years old when they "tied the knot."  Ten children were born to John and Sarah Kilgore.  The first child was born premature and did not live.  As was customary in that day, the child was not given a name, nor listed because of being stillborn. The remaining nine children are William Grady Kilgore, born June 26, 1904; Lou Etta "Sis" Kilgore, born October 31, 1906; Dollie Edna Kilgore, born February 6, 1909; Ruby Cora Kilgore, born October 17, 1911; Johnie Thomas Kilgore, born December 12, 1913; Lois Jane Kilgore, born July 14, 1916; Ruth Mae Kilgore, born June 23, 1918; Cecil Warren Kilgore, born March 24, 1921; and Lorene Kilgore, born December 29, 1923.  Papa Kilgore died on Christmas day, 1949, and is buried in Bennett Cemetery on Lamon Chapel Road in Walker County.  Granny Kilgore died February 2, 1963 and was buried beside Papa Kilgore and her son, my Uncle Johnie, who died at the young age of 25 on the 29th of March 1939.

We have been well blessed to have such an ancestry.  Regrettably,  John Wesley and Sarah have only two children living as of this writing--my dad, Cecil Kilgore who is 90 years old and Aunt Lois who is 95.  If I counted correctly, Grandpa and Granny Kilgore had 30 grandchildren.  Those 30 make up the Kilgore Cousins. The family has grown through the years as the cousins have had children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  The Kilgore family and extended family are scattered throughout the US reflecting the mobile society we live in today.  We do not know each other as we did growing up in the 40's and 50's.  I trust this blog and the "kilgorecousins" facebook group page will  help us to reconnect.  Love to hear your comments.

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