Saturday, June 2, 2012


The anticipation of some happening many times  is more a high than the actual event.  But in the case of our Kilgore Cousins Reunion this year, I find that not to be the case.  With all the planning, promotion, and looking forward to the gathering,  the reunion itself was a wonderful heart-warming event--a highlight experience.

I truly enjoyed all the work that went into the event.   The mail outs, e-mails, Facebook messages, the work around the Kilgore Farm, and the preparation at New Oak Grove Church, were only a small part of the effort that made the reunion a success.   The relatives traveling from all over our nation to meet in Nauvoo, Alabama certainly is the main thing that made the reunion the success it was.  There are many people to thank who helped me big time.  I'm fearful to make a list in fear of leaving someone out, but here goes:

I am appreciative to the following for their personal help with our reunion:

New Oak Grove Freewill Baptist Church and its pastor, Rev. Mickey Crane; my brothers, Mike and Ricky Kilgore for cutting the grass and bush hogging around the old Kilgore Farm;  my wife, Pat who helped me set up the Fellowship Hall for the gathering, helped with registration, and entertained the children as part of the program;  Linda Kilgore, Mike's wife and my sister, Rebecca for helping with registration; my borther, Ricky's wife, Pat, who got the food ready to serve as it came in; Sammy Carter and Patrick Connell for taking care of the drinks; Joe McKeever for sketching peoples images;  Ron McKeever for being part of the program and talking; Jeremy Allen and Natalee Briscoe's boyfriend, John for taking family picture group shots; Mike Kilgore for cooking all the wieners for the evening cookout; all you who brought food for the noon luncheon and the evening cookout; James Phelps for furnishing his grill and chairs; my mother for furnishing chairs and table for the evening cookout;  for all who gave to the three special offerings (decoration flower fund, reunion costs, and New Oak Grove offering) generously.  THANK YOU, ONE AND ALL. 

As chairman of the Kilgore Cousins Reunion, I wish to make a reporting of the finances to let everyone know what costs were incurred and where your gifts went to.  This paragraph is devoted to that end.

My cost were as follows:
           Directional Signs (6 two sided signs)          $76.90
           Name Tags and Sharpie Pens                        16.48
           Stamps for Post Card Mailing (2 times)         39.36
           *Kilgore Lineage Printout                              45.91
           Torches & Driveway Markers for cookout     39.95
           Cookout Drinks, Condiments, paper goods    39.45
           TOTAL                                                       $258.05

Contribution Received                                             $228.00

At the reunion I announced that all my expenses were covered.  The difference in the expense listing then and what is listed above, is the Kilgore Lineage Printout.  I charged $2 per hard copy and had about 8 hard copies left.  The Kilgore Lineage Printout did not appear in my original disclosure, but their cost were placed in the same box with contributions, and therefore, are listed above to reflect your purchase of the printout and of your contribution.  You were very generous to give, and I thank you all.  The church did not charge us any fee for the use of their building and even allowed us to use their paper goods and ice.  This was a big saving.  In response, you  gave an offering of $220.00 to New Oak Grove.  Also you gave over $200 to the flower fund.  This fund goes to purchases flowers for relatives who do not have living children to take care of their graves.  Carolyn McKeever Lampman and Trish McKeever Phelps takes care of this special ministry for our family.   All and all you were so very generous.   Enough about money.

The focus of the reunion was getting together.  We had around 90 people present for the event.  We probably had about half that for the evening cookout.  As one of our relatives stated, there was a big hole because we did not have any of the Chadwicks, Spains, and Gordons.  Though we missed them, for those present, it was a wonderful time of catching up.

I am already anticipating our next reunion which will be Memorial Day weekend, May, 2014.  I plan for  the reunion to be entirely located on the old Kilgore Farm.  There is a need for many things to be done for that to happen. My "wheels" are turning right now in regards to making the reunion new and fresh.  I have requested that you critique this year's gathering and make suggestions for the future.  I've had the following ideas presented as of this writing: an afternoon softball game, a watermelon cutting, doing something with the children again, singing patriotic songs.  Not that we can do all that everyone suggestions, but please don't refrain from telling me your ideas.  With new ideas, involvement from you all will be needed.  Put the event on your long-range calendar right now.  It is a matter of saying, "I plan to come no matter what."  By planning way ahead and anticipating the date, you too can realize that attending the reunion is better than the anticipation of it.  Until then, that is all we have.   Love you.

Johnny Kilgore

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  1. I just want to say that we really had a great time and in addition to all of the people you mentioned, Johnny, we are incredibly grateful for all of the work you put in to make the reunion such a success. You really did a great job and we'll do what we can to make it again in 2014.
    The SHAWANESSE family (of the McKleroy clan)