Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Center Point, Alabama

Recently I went through my mother’s old photo album and scanned many pictures that chronicled my growing up years—1940-s and 50’s.  Among those snapshots were a series of pictures taken during a special visit to my Aunt Dolly’s house. 
Dolly Edna Kilgore was  born in February 1909 to Virge and Sarah Kilgore of Nauvoo,  Alabama.  She was twelve years old when my father and her baby brother, Cecil Kilgore, was born (1921).  Aunt Dolly had two older siblings at the time of her birth (1909)—an older brother, Grady Kilgore, and an older sister, Lou Etta Kilgore.
Aunt Dolly was a terrific person who loved both family and church with great conviction.  She was a lady with the gift of hospitality—terrific cook. She also loved music and played the piano.  Long before I was born (1944), she had a tragic life with the death of her first husband, Johnny Gordon (May 18,1929), and the raising of two children on her own—Jacqueline and James Gordon.  These two cousins (born in the 20’s) were more like an aunt and an uncle to me because they were so much older than I was. 

At some time in the l930s,  a wonderful man by the name of Jack Sherer came into Dolly’s life, and they were married in August 1936.   In  September 1937, they had one child, Alan Dale Sherer, born to them.  Jack was the only uncle  that I knew as Aunt Dolly’s husband.  It was always a time I looked forward to when the Cecil Kilgore family visited Dolly and Jack.    

I don’t know what the occasion was, but I can recall having these pictures taken next to the Sherer house located on the Saragossa Road off of Alabama Highway 5.  It was a beautiful, sunny day in the summer.  Granny Kilgore was there, as was  Jack Sherer’s mother, Mrs. Armenda Sherer.  My Aunt Lorene and her children were also visiting.  Sara Ann McKleroy  was a baby.  Therefore, based on the date Sara Ann was born (June 1950), the gathering occurred sometime in 1951.  We were still driving our 1936 Ford at that time.  That car can be  seen in the background of one of the pictures. 

I know you will enjoy scanning through the photographs.  Any additional information from relatives will be greatly appreciated as we walk down memory lane.  

Jack and Dolly Sherer
at the home in 1952
Jack Sherer's mother, Mrs. Armenda Sherer
and Dolly Sherer's mother,
Mrs. Sarah Kilgore

Cecil Kilgore Family visiting Aunt Dolly in 1952

Photo of Beatrice Kilgore on left
with daughter, Rebecca in front, Dolly Sherer in
center, and Lorene McKleroy on the right holding
daughter, Sara Ann in her arms,
In the background is Mary Beth McKleroy.

All the children visiting Aunt Dolly (1952)
From left to right, baby, Sara Ann McKleroy, held by
big sister, Mary Beth.  Johnny Kilgore is
next to Mary Beth, and next to him is Sandra Faye McKleroy,
In front of Sandra Faye, is Rebecca Ann Kilgore, and on the
far right is Mike Kilgore.



  1. Thank you for sharing the memories and the photos. I've never seen these pictures before, so it was a great treat to look back at our beautiful family. You do such a great job with the Kilgore Cousins site. Thanks for all the hours you've put into this, Johnny.

    1. Thanks, Sharon. It has been brought to my attention that the baby in the photos is your sister, Sara Ann.

  2. Such good memories, Johnny. Is it possible that the baby is Sara Ann instead of Sharon? I am wondering about that because the dress I am wearing looks like one I wore for a studio picture of Sandra, Sara, and me.

    1. Thanks, Mary Beth. You are correct about the baby being Sara Ann. I made all the corrections including the year the photos were taken. It was 1951.