Friday, April 25, 2014


Of all the Kilgore aunts, Aunt Ruby stands out because of the  following memories I share with you in this blogspot.

I remember, as a child, when we had gatherings at the home place, the Chadwicks brought store-bought ice cream and I ate my share.  My over indulgence may have contributed to my diabetes.  The Chadwick's four meshed with the 6 McKeevers, 5 Spains, 5 Mckleroys and the 4 Kilgores who lived just up the road and 4 who lived across the hollow.

When we moved to West Virginia in 1947, our departure was always from Birmingham and we spent the night with the Chadwicks.  When we returned for summer vacations, we came to Birmingham and as usual, spent the night at the Chadwicks.  Uncle Johnny was a policeman, a massive man and our hero.  

When I finished high school in 1954, I hitched a ride to Birmingham with the Chadwicks and boarded with them until I married.  Aunt Ruby was just like a mama to all who stayed with them.  She prepared excellent meals, starched my shirts and made me behave.  All the Chadwick girls were constantly in beauty contests so we could brag about our cousins.  

I will never forget the night before I married.  Doctor Bill, Ronnie Chadwick, myself and one or two more, boarded with them and had the ground floor sleeping quarters.  It was December and cold and they put me in the shower in my jammies and then, locked me outside the house.  I had to go to the living quarters of the Chadwicks and bang on the door to wake Aunt Ruby to let me in before I froze.  I don't remember whether she thought it was funny but I do remember her scolding them for that prank.  

When they moved to Clanton, I always made a point to go by and see them.  I participated in Uncle Johnny's funeral and I may have helped with Aunt Ruby's.  They are forever etched in my mind and I thank God for the precious memories.

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