Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I started sharing some thoughts several months ago about remembering different aunts and uncles of the Kilgores.  When I came to mama (Lois), I sorta hesitated since Mom was so dear to her children and I just could not seem to go any further so I will not write anything about her and press on.  

When the Kilgore cousins would descend on the Kilgore farmhouse on weekends, Lorene was already gone out into the world to make her mark.  It was only when we moved back from West Virginia that we began to make contact with them as a family.  

I remember a gang of giggling girls but Ordis arranged to carry us to an air show since he was employed at Hayes Aircraft in Birmingham.  I never forgot the thrill of seeing the different antics of the flying machines and mentioned to him several times how much I appreciated it.  Lorene was always laughing.  Her, mama and Ruth were together more since their sisters were older and married first.  

When they lived in Florida and we started the Kilgore Cousins Reunions, when I would go up on Friday to help get things set up, Lorene would always be at Mom's and every time, she would hug my neck until it hurt.  I feel very fortunate to be included into the Kilgore heritage and realize that I have a burden to live up to the love and joy I have received.......Ronnie

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